For children 3 to 5 years of age

A fun, nurturing and quality learning program to prepare your child for kindergarten!

Playtime Learning Center’s Preschool Room is a safe, educational and fun learning environment! Your preschooler will develop a love for learning as they are preparing for kindergarten! Mr. Chris, Miss. Rosie and Miss Amanda all have a love for learning and show that to the children in their care! In our program your child will explore, sing, participate in science and math activities , engage in art and music and movement, language and reading and self-help skills and social skills. There is a water and sand table for more fun exploring and a large variety of manipulatives and games. The room is broken into several centers where the children can explore and learn.  While all these exciting things are going on there is also a huge, fenced in outdoor playground. On our playground there is plenty of room to run, play tag and make believe you are on a boat, school bus, jeep and plenty of equipment to fly into space or climb a mountain! If your child longs to be a paleontologist there are plenty of spaces to dig until you hit fossils! Our staff encourages the children to use their imaginations!


Your child will thrive in our Preschool Program and be prepared for kindergarten!

Our Preschoolers enjoy The Tumble Bus once a month with Miss Marybeth and they do yoga every other week with Miss Amy! We encourage different physical activities for our children’s growth and development. We plan special days throughout the year so our children can have a variety of experiences!