For infants 6 week to 18 months of age -

Get nurturing care to help your little one grow at their own pace.

Welcome to the Infant Room. We accept children in our Infant Room from 6 weeks to 18 months of age. The program in our Infant Room develops each child’s individual needs in their social, emotional and physical development. The staff meets these needs by following your infant's schedule and through music, movement, group play, and hands on experience within the classroom. Each child is encouraged to grow at their own pace through nurturing and love.

Playtime Learning Center’s Infant Room is just like home including, staff that are just like Grandma and Grandpa! The children in our Infant Room range in age from 6 weeks – 18 months. Miss Diane and Mr. John follow your child’s schedule and adding different experiences throughout the day. When you come to visit you will see a wide variety of toys throughout the room. The room is large for exploring and learning. Your child’s day will include singing, reading, playing with friends inside and outside, art, sensory activities, and especially lots of hugs and cuddles!

Miss Diane and Mr. John will not only see you either at drop off and/or pick up but they will communicate with you throughout the day. The center uses an electronic communication system called Tadpoles. Miss Diane and Mr. John will send you pictures of your child throughout the day through email and / or text. At the end of the day you will have a full report sent to you about your child’s day! It will tell you about how your child ate, slept, diaper changes, supply needs and what activities your child participated in!

Playtime LC also has many safety measures in place. You will notice they start from when you first arrive at the center. Our door is secure with a kiosk system. When you enroll we will take your fingerprint. Your fingerprint will let you in the building! Only the people who are supposed to be here are able to get into the building. Playtime LC also has had in place a safe sleep policy.  Tadpoles, also has a safe sleep checks built in to alert staff to check the children while they are sleeping.