School Age - 5 to 10 Years of Age

Our school-age program focuses on each individual child in the program. Through different activities each child is encouraged to be who they are and explore the world around them through their interests. During the school year, the children will have assistance with homework. We bus to Pleasant Valley School District.

Playtime LC buses to Pleasant Valley School District.  During the school year the children have free-play before school. They can play with friends, participate in games and art activities or just relax. They are able to have breakfast here that you provide.

When it is time for the buses Miss Amanda and Mr. Chris take them outside where they wait on the sidewalk against the building until the bus arrives, where they walk down to the bus.

In the afternoon the children are greeted at the bus stop by one of our staff members. Once they are in the building they are offered a snack and they can start their homework.  After snack and homework  the children can make choices as to what they would like to do. When, weather permitting the children will go outside to play.